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Technical authoring

Technical authoring

What does a technical authoring service encompass, other than writing? In the case of T3TC this usually comprises: scoping, preparation of synopsis, project management, documentation design (page layout and text styles), illustration (line drawings and screen shots), template setup, maintenance, and security of source material.

Bespoke project work

We meet with you to determine what the need is. This may range from a simple quotation against your detailed specification to a scoping exercise to determine what your specification should be. In all cases work starts after scope of work, synopsis, and list of deliverables have been produced and agreed.

Making your case to subcontract

If you haven't yet received the go ahead to buy in the services of a technical authoring company and you need to generate a justification, here are some considerations that might help:

  • Most engineers, and others who are often volunteered to do the job, are not trained technical authors and therefore struggle to produce documentation to the standard required by most end users.
  • The documentation you send out with your product, or provide with your service, is also marketing communication material, and says a lot about your company. Why would you not want it to be as impressive and professionally produced as your product or service, and any other promotional materials?


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